Cheers Buddy

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Cheers to 2020... actually, cheers to 2021!


1 x Collapsible Wine Glass Buddy
• 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 21cm
• Use in caravan, 4WD or general camping to protect precious glassware
• Hard top with zip closure
• Removable dividers to fold flat
• Folds completely flat for storage
• Accommodates 4 wine glasses / 330ml

1 x Pantry Wine Buddy
• 35cm x 15cm 
• Padded pantry protection - Pack of three

• Protects large glass bottles
• Quick and easy to apply.
• Conveniently stores flat when not in use.
• Reversible Velcro to allow each buddy to be attached together.
• Fully adjustable to fit most standard jars
• Create any shape to fill voids in the pantry.
• 100% Neoprene
 Sold in packs of three

*Wine not included

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