Loaded 4x4 - Issue #08 2019

Excerpt taken from Issue #08 2019 - Loaded 4x4 Magazine
Navigator has more buddies than you can poke your favourite campfire prodding stick at, including Sullage Buddy, Bin Buddy, Laundry Buddy, Utility Buddy, Seat Buddy, Microwave Dish Buddy, Visor Buddy, Pantry Jar Buddy and of course it's Wine Buddy, among others. That's a lot of buddies that you can take on your next roadtrip and none of them will bore you with inane conversation, pick their feet, smell like a sheepyard or leave empty beer cans in your footwell. In fact, they'll do just the opposite. They'll keep you tidy, look after your wine and turn camping into a well organised enjoyable experience. Who needs friends when you can have a buddy?