Hitch the Van


I know what you’re thinking.

How can a company that makes camp chairs have anything interesting to write about… Don’t worry we’re not the kind of marketers who will take 300 words to tell you how great your butt will feel and the back support you’ll get sitting in our ‘Nowhere Chair’. No, we are the kind of people who will take 300 words to tell you how bloody great it is to hold a stubby of beer and a glass of pinot in the one chair – double parking has never been easier! At Navigator we are all about the lifestyle that is caravanning.

Don’t get us wrong, we have an amazing workplace and colleagues but we understand wanting to get to the most remote location with no phone service and zero human contact and Navigator products are here to support you on your anti-social endeavours to the most beautiful outdoor locations.

We have been hard at work putting the range of products together, we have tested all products and can assure you the magnetic stubby cooler is perfect for Friday knock off drinks in the office. We are so excited for you to get your hands on our products and find your bearings with Navigator. Our journal will continue to provide you with information on travel recommendations, Navigator events and customer satisfaction stories (we hope!).

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Disclaimer: Navigator is not responsible for any workplace disputes regarding Friday knock off drinks in the office – we do however congratulate you on your efforts. Also never drink and drive, or drink and tow.